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Do Cardio Doing cardio helps you to boost your burning fat rate. Its linked with your blood-pumping speed. Timing Sleep The times you fall asleep is one of the most important things to melt your love handles. You should sleep 8 hours for a day and sleeping – waking times should be same everyday. Eat Fat Everybody says that eating fat makes you fatter; but if its healthy fat, theres no problem to eat it. Coconut oil, avocados, fish and nuts are the best fat sources. Drink Water This is absolutely known by everybody, but I dont believe that everbody does it as...Continue reading »

The savior of bad-hair days actually do more than we think for our sake. I have a list here that explains you something most people dont know about shampoo. Prevents Greasing Almost most of the shampoos have this feature in itself and this helps us to have brighter and more beautiful hair. Locks Bobby Pins When you lock your hair a bobby pin tightly, your hair gets wounded and shampoo makes your hair softer. No Unruly Brows Shampoos are not just hair, you can use them for your brows also. And if you wanna give a shape to your brow, before the process, you should have...Continue reading »

All or Nothing You should know that if you start to gain weight, you’ll lose everything. So, you have two choice: all or nothing. Eat Smaller Portions Every portion you take should be smaller day by day; you wont realize it somedays later. Never Skip Meals Set standard times for every meal and never skip them. Your body will have a system to melt the food. More Movement Leave the bus one stop ago and take a walk to where you wanna go. Dont Eat Fast-Food Maybe once in a week, but no more. Their calorie rate is much more than home-made ones. Dont Sit When You...Continue reading »

If you live in Westeros, you always have a chance to be killed by anything around you; nobody can guarantee your life. We’ve seen many kings or strong men in the show those didnt save their lives against dark hands. Peter Dinklage, with his another name Tyrion, performed a song with Red Nose Day and its trailer is shared. Today, we’ll be able to see the full one but for now, I can only ive you the teaser. It’s announced that we’ll see Coldplay in the full video. The lyrics of song absolutely sad, but funny :) About all dead people, everybody...Continue reading »

Day by day, feminism is getting more fan around the world. Even though violoence against the women never decreases, its good to know that we have some men those support women’s rights. You know, celebrities’ speeches about anything can be more effective than casual conversations on their fans’ minds. Have you ever thought what Hollywood’s stars think about feminism? Absolutely, most of them support feminism and they never hid it. I’ve listed the 10 them here. You’ll see the quotes from Emma Watson to Angelina Jolie. And the best speech...Continue reading »

You’d have a long night or you’d make it a hangover to be never remembered. But always keep in mind that there is a tomorrow after the night and if you work in an office, your looking always should be good for your sake. While the men are unlucky about this issue, we women can camouflage it every mornin in just 10 minutes. I have a list that will make you happy after hangovers. Arya Essentials Face Oil This one softens your skin and acts like a bodyguard, has a beautiful smell and is only $92. Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream Sleepin over the pillow...Continue reading »

Harry Potter Series’ wise man Albus Dumbledore said many many things to Harry, to help him in his own way. J.K. Rowling, the writer of the books, through the Dumbledore’s quotes, always tried to tell us something deep about life, not by other characters. I have listed down here the best quotes from Dumbledore. Even though I do not like him as much as I love Gandalf, and knowing that he has been copied from Gandalf, words can change the world… Now, if you have a fav one from our list, comment yours to comment box down here. If you have another one, comment...Continue reading »

Superactor Johnny Depp has a dauhter with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, though most of the people dont know this girl. However, it seems she will also be famous these days like her faher. It’s announced that she, Lily Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter is preparing herself to take a role in a new French Movie with Natalie Portman. 15-years-old girl will be Natalie’s daughter in the movie. Natalie Portman has moved to Paris, France last year with her husband to live there. We heard that she will honing her French-speaking skills quickly and for this movie,...Continue reading »

Mad Max’s director George Miller, sent his thanks to Mel Gibson last night. He said that he is (Mel Gibsin) his one of the best actors he has ever seen and worked with. But his thanks wasnt about Mel’s super roling skill, about the support to franchise’s new installment. As you know, British star Tom Hard has took the place from Mel Gibson for Mad Max: Fury Road. At the interesting side, Mel Gibson’s participation to movie’s unveiling night surprised his fans. If there would be someone else except Mel Gibson, he would never attend, I think....Continue reading »

All the best nights you lived were happened when you never thought about it, suddenly. But, girls’s special nights are always entertaining and funny. If you follow our posts consistently, you are probably aware of that we never hesitate to suggest you movies. If you dont want to go out tonight, gather up your friends and tell them you have a perfect movies to watch til’ the sun rises up. I have listed down here top 10 movie that girls have choosed for years to watch at their girls’ nights. The list includes romantic ones, funny ones ore adventurous...Continue reading »