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Two days ago, at the Met Gala, there was a decollatage show by all the celebrities. However, the most interest was on the Rihanna and her robe dress. The robe designed by Guo Pei, took more time than you could guess; years. Yes, you read it correctly, years. The Chinese designer had spent 2 years to make this dress to be ready to wear. AndrĂ© Leon Talley, from Vogue, says that when he saw the dress on the internet for the first time, he was shocked and continues saying that that dress is amazing. Also you can check the memes shared on Instagram about Rihanna’s...Continue reading »

The most common sickness of our age is, as you know, cancer. So many people are dying every hour for this reason. Even though those deaths, thank to god, medicine is getting increased rapidly. If we look back 10 years ago, we would see there aint no treatment for any cancer type; but now, 60% of the people those have caught by cancer survive. At the other hand, I should say that the most seen cancer type is skin cancer. I’ve listed the symptoms of the skin cancer below. If you see any of them on you, never ever wait for going to doctor. If you have dark skin “Melanoma...Continue reading »

Someday ago, the new princess of Britain has been born. The Duke and Duchess, after their two children, has met the new member of royal family. Whole England was expecting baby to born 2 days after but they found themselves at the Lindo Wing of Saint Hospital 2 days ago. Prince George, also, was born there. Hours later, royal baby was at the outside of the hospital, to be shown the citizen those waiting for her. There are bets for her name: Alice, Charlotte, Mary and Diana. But we should say that in the Royal Family of England, giving more than two names to girl babies...Continue reading »

While the history makes its new own steps to the future, there’s an old king to be remembered: King Ragnar! He was a farmer once, after became an Earl and for the last time he was the King of the Big Part of the Europe. He had conquered Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The North of Britain, German, France and the Shores of Baltic Sea. History, the televison company one, has been sharing the Vikings’ and King Ragnar’s magnificent story for 3 seasons and we’ve reached 3rd season’s finale nowadays. In the 3 – 8 episode, King Ragnar has become...Continue reading »