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Consuming Nuts Can Increase Health Level, Save From Fatal Diseases please check out this latest video it will tell you the top 10 healthiest nuts to eat, try to avoid any others. watch the other videos and please like and subscribe! XD (Photo : InTheLoopFacts/Youtube) Nuts contain healthy polyunsaturated fats, antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin E. With this combination of nutrients nuts can reduce risks of many major diseases like cancer, diabetes, vascular disease and much more. A 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine...Continue reading »

In the summer of 1994, I decided to move to St. Petersburg, Russia, to become a writer. I told my friend Kara that if she wanted to stay in touch, she’d have to start using email, since calling would be far too expensive. She had never used email before, so I said, “Just sign up with that service America Online — they make it really easy.” She did, and that was how Kara Swisher started using the Internet. (Later, she started a conference and website with a guy named Walt and got a bajillion Twitter followers, so, you know, that’s cool. I’m glad I could help.) ...Continue reading »

The problem with health care and drug prices in America isn’t that we spend too much money. The real problem is that we believe we are spending “other people’s money.” Yes, I was raised in Sweden, but no, I’m not a Socialist. The irony is that “free” health care there is more clearly understood to be directly financed by local(!) taxes that can go up if people in that region consume more health care. Here, nobody knows what anything health care related costs, or who pays how much, so how can we care about the cost of health care? Here, most health insurance...Continue reading »

The hardest part of retiring before 30 wasn’t the tight budget or pressure of a side hustle — it was the uncertainty of starting over. Joe and Ali Olson are living their dream. After just eight years in the workforce, the couple, both in their early 30s, were able to quit their jobs as public school teachers in August 2015, retire, and begin traveling the world — now with their 1-year-old daughter, Annabelle, in tow. By living frugally and finding a good side hustle — in their case, real estate — the couple was able to achieve financial independence relatively...Continue reading »

3. You Used Too Many Products Skincare is one situation where more isn’t automatically better. “Using more than one potentially irritating anti-aging product can make your skin sensitive,” says Zeichner. “Common offenders include salicylic and glycolic acid.” Before you add a new product to your lineup, make sure your skin is good with your regular routine. Then, proceed with caution, taking notice of whether any new products irritate your skin.  4. You Skipped the Post-Shower Moisturiser Lotions and moisturisers can help prevent dry, irritated skin, and...Continue reading »

Who among us has not at one point or well, many times, hasn’t fantasized about being able to score with a celebrity? It doesn’t matter that we have no chance whatsoever for it to actually happen, we still do it anyway. Surely, there is a solid psychological reason for it, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. Today we’re here to discuss this poll of over 6,000 people from various countries taken by SleepCupid to see which celebrities people want to hit the sheets with the most. One of the more interesting things about this poll is that they broke...Continue reading »

With a year of celebrations now underway, Eleanor Hawkins here visits capital Helsinki to see how the occasion is being marked. Entering the Finish capital after a convenient half-hour train ride from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, I am greeted by Eliel Saarinen’s huge globe-carrying, art nouveau statues at the entrance to his 1919 Grand Central Station. The journey itself sets the tone for my trip to Helsinki – efficient, chic, and quirky, yet down to earth. The Finns kicked off their centenary celebrations earlier this month with a huge New Year’s Eve party featuring...Continue reading »

Imagine a man living a life where he spends up to Rs 13.5 crore each month. That’s Johnny Depp for you. The Pirates of the Caribbean star recently fired his management firm TMG (The Management Group) and sued the company for fraud. However, TMG has now filed a cross-complaint alleging that Johnny Depp was living an “ultra-extravagant lifestyle” wherein he would spend “in excess of $2 million (approximately, Rs 13.52 crore).” The cross-complaint by TMG illustrates Depp’s over-budget excesses in detail: $75 million (over Rs 500 crore)...Continue reading »

TUESDAY, Jan. 31, 2017 — Trying to shame an overweight or obese person into losing weight won’t motivate them to do so, and may even raise their risk for heart disease and other health problems, a new study suggests. The more self-blame and devalued that people said they felt when stigmatized, the more likely they were to have health problems that could lead to heart disease, said study leader Rebecca Pearl. She’s an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia. The findings...Continue reading »

French anti-obesity law is no joke. Those who defy it will face legal consequences. (Photo : Home Invention/YouTube screenshot) France illegalized providing unlimited soft drinks for a limited price or free to prevent obesity in the country. The law, which was enforced last Friday, clearly states that those who continue to provide free soda will be prosecuted and must pay the penalties. This was preceded by the soft drink tax law, which was enforced in 2012. The newly formed law is applicable to all fizzy drink and soda fountains present in public places, such...Continue reading »