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There’s a lot of talk about Trump’s recent immigration executive order, also known as #MuslimBan.  The order bans refugees from Syria from entering the U.S., blocks refugees from any country from entering the U.S. over the next four months, and blocks citizens from Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria from entering the U.S. over the next three months. So…yeah. People have a reason to be scared. Before you form a solid opinion on refugees, remember: there are refugees all around you and you just don’t know it. Whether they...Continue reading »

The patients are happy and are positive towards their future. (Photo : National Science Foundation/YouTube screenshot) A completely locked-in patient can hear, see and feel everything that goes around, but cannot react to anything because they are completely paralyzed. What exactly goes on inside the brain of such people has been a mystery for medical professionals and their family members. If only a brain computer interface could be developed, which can decipher the brain waves into understandable words, people can communicate with completely locked-in patients,...Continue reading »

… How long will it be before Amazon has minimal to no staff on self-guided transports? Self-guided ships get hijacked by self-guided robo-pirates. Judging by some of his statements, Michael Shedlock may be a great economist, but he sure as hell is not, nor has ever been, a Merchant Mariner. Here’s the plan:  we kill Bezos and divide his Amazon shares equally.  Yeah, equal shares for them that’s for the killin’ should do it, and bonus shares for them that wield the knife. And bonus shares, also, for him that gives Mish a permanent...Continue reading »

Toshiba on Friday officially announced it will sell a portion of its flash memory business, including the SSD business of the Storage & Electronic Device Solutions Division, to a not-yet-named buyer. The company, which invented NAND flash in the early 1980s, announced last week it was exploring spinning off its memory business. A Nikkei’s Asian Review said Toshiba had been considering spinning off its semiconductor operations and selling a partial stake to Western Digital (WD), “as it tries to cope with a massive impairment loss in its U.S. nuclear power...Continue reading »

EMMERDALE’S Charity Dingle has had many lovers but never found a true match for her talents. With thew likelihood of Kim Tate popping back into the village, Charity is forced to look elsewhere and when her path crosses with conman Frank, the pair could make a formidable team. Read More ...

WHO knew that food has schedules just like we do? Here is when you should be indulging in your healthy snacks to reap the most out of them… Bananas Bananas help combat heartburn For these and other fruit and veg, digestive health specialist Linda Booth believes the rule is “no raw after four”. “By the end of the day we have fewer digestive enzymes in our body to break food down so it sits in our stomach fermenting and can cause bloating and pain,” she explains. It’s the perfect companion to a quick lunch al desko. Yoghurt Eat your yogurt in the morning to...Continue reading »

Forex, is the one of most selected ways to make money online. While there’s a lot of people who earning thousands of dollar by this way, there is also another sides for who loses. In this topic, I’ll give you a guide that explains how to make money online without any lose. 1-) Learn Everything Before Lose Its the first rule to learn how to work on Forex, if you dont do it, you’ll probably lose. 2-) Find a Reputable Broker Never hesitate to find best market for you. 3-) Other Rule: Practice Account You should use an account with low bids, so you might guess the...Continue reading »

By the passing years, gay marriages are being legalized in some country like Netherlands. But its not enough now, it seems. Only in the movies we can see happy LGBT couples, not in real life. Its natural to love someone in same gender, its proved scientific in the 60s. I realized that most of the art-lovers, musicians, poets or painters are open to gay marriage, even though they are not gay or bisex. If being open-minded ever reaches the government, the world will be better then. Now lets check out best gay couples on the TV ever, including gays and lesbians. 1. Kurt...Continue reading »

If you have no weight problems, there are some movie that you should watch immediately. I listed here the ten of them, and am sure that they will make your mouth water. You’d probably know some of them and have watched, but underrated ones still waits for you. While I’m closing to lunch, they have already made me more hunger :) As I said before, if you have any obesity problem, I suggest you to not to scroll down no more :) You can immediately turn off the computer and call the Domino’s Pizza! And never forget this, pizza is the best blessing of the...Continue reading »

Every handsome actor over his 40’s, got married now. We have only Leonardo DiCaprio to dream with us. But it seems if he gets marry ever, we’ll never stop to love him. I know the reasons and listed down here. In the Hollywood news he’s having a relationship with Rihanna, but we saw that she’d be with Karim Benzema. Famous football player has been to New York for his holiday and was photoghraphed with Rihanna in a club. Never mind, we turn back again to Leonardo Love. I think as long as he keeps on playing a role in any movie, we’ll love him...Continue reading »