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We’ve reached the summer finally. And if you got fatter while the winter lasts, its a litte too late to grow lean. If you believe in yourself, if you think you can manage it, you should start a new diet. You May Be Dehytrated It is interesting but being dehytrated cause hunger. You Have No Good Sleep Having a bad sleep all nightlong may become you more hungry than ever. Too Starchy Carbs Doughnuts or too cakes with starchy; they’ll all get you hungry. Stressing Having stress all the time in your life gets you fatter and makes you wanna eat. Drinking...Continue reading »

The star of Game of Thrones TV series Emilia Clarke, with her known name Khaleesi the Mother of Dragons from Targaryen House, had an interview last night with a journalist in LA. While we had been waiting for the hearings from Game of Thrones set and its own way to the finale, she brought us the news from magazine life. According to her sayings, Jay Z, has bought a Dragon Egg for his superstar wife Beyoncè. And she adds that the Dragon Eggs are very heavy and have hard art-works. The most important is the price of them; she says they are really really expensive to buy....Continue reading »

You’ll need B12 supplement For you cant get enough B12 without eating meat. + Iron supplement Iron does also exists in animals, you might get weak without it. You’ll get too many questions Your family and friends will rain you with their questions why you become a vegan. Find new protein sources You should find rare protein sources those grow on mountains or specific places to get a healthy body and mind. Junks are just not enough Never think that junks are be replaced with animal meat. Dont eat so much soy That might make you cancer, so the scientists...Continue reading »

Finally, we’ve escaped from winter and its freezing cold. Its time to wear skinny shorts and put the bags on our arms. The first thing you should be warned of is to learn what new year has come with. New bag styles, new short designs, more and more. It seems we’ll use colorful bags this year, after a boring year, 2014, that would be good and different. I’ve been looking for the best designs for a time and I listed here the most colorful and brightest purses, clutches and bags. Their prices are so changeable according as producer’s campains and...Continue reading »

Time never forgives mankind. It always takes something important from us, so make your own way. Either be a football player or an actor, you’ll get older and you will start to do what your master is doing now. Its hard to decide its good or not, but you gotta change with time. I have listed here the top 10 actors who turned his job to directing. Absolutely, at the top of the list, you will see the Clint Eastwood :)   Client Eastwood   Julie Delpy   James Franco   Dennis Hopper   Ben Stiller   George Clooney   Sarah Polley     Christopher...Continue reading »

Arya stark is for no question, one of the best characters in Game of Thrones for everybody. I havent read the book yet, and its exciting for those who only watching the series. Why, while the our favorite character is still alive, wouldnt she become a queen? We have enough reasons! 1-) She’s in peace with her kind.   2-) She knows how to use a sword as professionally as a warrior.   3-) Never wanted a queen or a king upon her.   4-) She knows whats the worth of patience and dedication.   5-) Even though she is younger than other ones, she...Continue reading »

3 days ago, actor Miles Teller, saved a pregnant woman and her child from drowning in Miami, Florida. They were about to die and unseen over the sea but Teller never thought any second to save them and he did jump into the sea. Teller was with his girlfriend Keleigh Sparry to enjoy the hot sun of Miami and spend the weekend; but nothing lasted like they wished. Its hard to understand why the lifeguards didnt save the woman and her child instead of Teller, but its certain that this save will increase the respect to Miles Teller anyway. We heard that the woman’s...Continue reading »

Sex Burns Calories According to researchs, having sex is the best exercise to burn calorie. Knockint boot, by its powerful damages and hits is helping you to burn them out. Sex Helps You Sleep Against the cult belief in people, having orgasm doesnt make you awake or robust. It makes you sleep. Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure and Stress Levels This is approved in a study, made in 2005, in Scotia. Sex Strengthens Your Heart This is also approved for years by scientists. If you have regular sex life, your heart’s life will be longer. Sex Protects Against Cancer For...Continue reading »

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, things started to getting more complicated. Actually, which episode of GoT is not complicated with death theories? Anyway, if you watched the latest episode you should be thinking about “Who is the boy to be killed?” There are more than 1 boy that carries death chance on himself. Its hard to guess who will taste the knife on his throat. However, if you havent read the book yet, I will show you a list and who are the boys could be meant on the story. Robin Arryn: He should be killed, definitely. King Tommen Baratheon:...Continue reading »

Exit Through the Gift Shop, an oscar nominated documentary, was released in 2010. The documentary has created a new famous name in fashion history: Mr. Brainwash. French artist, by the gaining his own fame with Exit Thorugh the Gift Shop, has started to earn million dollars. He and his new designs appears on new fashion shows. Whatever the story could be behind the this long-miled road, nothing can change that Mr. Brainwash’s works are wanted by Madonna and Red Hot Chili Peppers to use as album cover. Anyway, his new glasses catalog is shared and we heard that...Continue reading »