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The Prince of Britain Harry, after seeing his brothers’ family is getting bigger by new children, have decided to having a child would be good for now. During his visit to New Zealand, Younger Prince has explained many things about him and his Royal Family. His trip was for one week and that was enough for seeing every each part of the country, including mighty mountains and cool shores. In his interview with Rhiannon Mills from Sky News he said that sometimes life makes you face with hard things and you should force these things as long as you can. For now, he...Continue reading »

A company in China, called Tiens Group, is sending more than half of its employees to Paris for holiday. There are 12,000 employees in Tiens Group, they treat 6,400 of wholenumber. According to a local newspaper in Paris, they’ve booked rooms in 140 hotels in the city. It is expected that they will spend more than 15M € in France and their first bus-stop will be the front of the Louvre Museum. The company’s business is with biotechnology, health, ecommerce and tourism. Li Jinyuan, the founder of Tiens Group, was in the Forbes 2011 list of the world’s...Continue reading »

The 2015’s Mother Day is only 2 days away and if you have not prepare any present for your mother, its still not too late to decide. For no question, they are our most valuable thing in the world, nothing could compare with them. It would be hard to make a choice in limitless present options, but I say you should select the most meaningful one. So, here is a list for you to make your decision easier to buy a gift. 1-) Edie Parker Bespoke Flavia Clutch 2-) Botany Floral Studio Terrarium 3-) H Project x Ela x Burt’s Bees Poych 4-) Boost Candle Holders 5-) Anthropologie...Continue reading »

Although the men are more likely to lose hair if we compare them with ourselves, we should admit it that even we might lose our best beauty, our hair some spesific times. Dont be stressed about the losing hair, because it will not take so long time and your lovely hair will grow again to the sky. I listed down here the reasons of losing hair for women. Physical Stress Whether you are a man or woman, the first reason of losing hair is physical stress with the mental stress. You should feel yourself happy and comfortable everytime. Just try it! Pregnancy This one is...Continue reading »

We’ve escaped the winter behind ourself and its time to get your stomach ready for the summer. You would have gained weight by the winter, because it makes us lazier than ever with its ice-like weather. Stayin home with eating every boring time and not to going outside are enough reasons to gain weight. But, its not too late to make a new revolution for you; summer is one month away. I have planned a new exercise table for you down here. Lunge and Plank Start by kneeling; step left leg forward, coming into a kneeling lunge, with both hands on the floor to the...Continue reading »

The first Daredevil TV show had been shown in the 2003s. That version was not liked by watchers or commentors. So, the new one has created a strong prejudice on our minds to not to watch it. However, after we’ve passed some week since its first release, we can now see that so many positive-directing comments are on the internet. It’s made me feel curious about the show and I researched it. I promise, this one is not like the 2003’s one, not like the Ben Affleck’s one. So I’ve listed the reasons to watch the new Daredevil! 1-) British actor...Continue reading »

Chris Brown, one of the world’s best known R&B stars found a girl in his own bed when he returns from his travel. Wednesday night, 06/May/2015, the girl was completely naked and trying to hide herself between the sheets of the bed. We all know Chris Brown by his most famous song “Kiss Kiss”. Its interesting to see him not kissing her while they bumped out. As you guess from the first paragraph, nothing happened with him and her that night and Brown called his law enforcement immediately. We were informed that girl had eaten food and fulfilled the...Continue reading »

The New York Times, made a news today about Kanye West and his new TV Series. There were no any information from it til this news is shared with us. According to newspaper, on the new project, Kanye West will work with Spike Jonze, oscar-winning writer. TV Series will be shown on Vice. It is not interesting to see them work together. Some year ago, Jonse used to make videos for Rapper Kanye’e songs: Flashing Lights, Otis and Only One. This isnt the for trial of making TV series for Kanye West. He attempted a starical comedy series in 2007, HBO, but the boss of...Continue reading »

The new candidate of president Hillary Clinton, has started a new campaign on Twitter. Yesterday, she said that she will call 5 lucky mom on Mother’s Day. All you need to do is enter the contest and fill the blanks with your mail and ZIP code. If you believe in your luck these days, you can get the chance of making your mother to talk to Hillary Clinton. There is no requirement for to join the contest. The things you will get not bordered just with a calling, but the bumper stickers. Sign up for your chance to give a Mother’s Day gift to remember: reading »

At Met Gala, in New York, there were too many famous name those captured by cameras. Although the every-eyes of people are locked on the dresses of celebrities, there was an issue to light up. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber was also there to grace the night and they were very kind to each other. When the night was done and the interviewers started to talked to Lady Gaga, she said “He really has a sweetness to him, he grew up in front of the whole world. I reminded him to not get bothered. Because at the end of the day. He’s the boss, and life isn’t always...Continue reading »