Vikings – 3rd Season Finale

While the history makes its new own steps to the future, there’s an old king to be remembered: King Ragnar! He was a farmer once, after became an Earl and for the last time he was the King of the Big Part of the Europe. He had conquered Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The North of Britain, German, France and the Shores of Baltic Sea.

History, the televison company one, has been sharing the Vikings’ and King Ragnar’s magnificent story for 3 seasons and we’ve reached 3rd season’s finale nowadays. In the 3 – 8 episode, King Ragnar has become Christian, according to TV series. However, to tell the truth, there’s no any changing religion about King Ragnar. He was a good pagan, royal to Odin and the Other Ones. Even though he said when he was dying “I’m glad to see Odin in the Halls of Valhalla”, its interesting to make him a Christian in the series.

I havent seen the last episode of 3rd season, but I know what will happen; if they keep the reality for once at least :) So, if you wanna get any spoiler from me, please look below:

“Yes, Ragnar will conquer Paris. But, he will not rule there, but his brother Rollo. And Rollo will become the king of Franks.”


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